Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Generations of South Women

I have so enjoyed using my artist eye to "see" my heritage. My grandmother is on the left and great grandmother in the middle. The woman on the right is a great aunt and the child is my aunt. All of these women are gone now, but they were all special to me and portraying them in their youth gave me alot of insight into myself. I continue to enjoy painting with gesture strokes and keeping the detail to a minimum. This was challenging on the faces, but I recognize each of them as portrayed. It was painted from a black and white photo that I have always loved for many reasons, but mainly because I can so recognize my Granny Nellie's expression in myself and in how she was. She was very determined once she made up her mind about something! I wonder what she was fixed on here.

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SybHol said...

Absolutely fabulous, Kay! You have definitely captured the quiet strength in these Griffin/South women who came before us! Makes me want to be more and more like them. (And I see so many of those qualities in you and other cousins!)