Thursday, January 8, 2015

Im Back.....

This painting has been my umbilical to my painting life for the past year. It has been in process all that time, and kept me tied to my ultimate goal of getting back to it. It is now hanging in my living room! I took the photograph while traveling through Georgia Okeefe country, in New Mexico a few years ago, and even though I now live in the Pacific Northwest, a part of my soul will always reside in the desert.
This is a most recent effort, experimenting with pen and ink, oil pastel and acrylic.  I love capturing moments in time and hoped to give an impression of the unrelenting passage of time, and the vignette of that moment. Slightly Andy Warhol, but not my intention. The figures came from a photograph in THE SUN by WILLIAM CARTER.

This was begun as a plein air depiction of this beautiful bay. We spent several days camping above it and enjoying the relaxation and bounty of the Oregon Coast. Nice memories of fresh crab, campfires and good friends visiting.

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